Client: Biotrue ONEday Contact Lenses

Agency:  DiD Agency

Challenge:  Design 3 sales aids for reps to discuss with eye care professionals (ECP’s). Created assets to be used in a social campaign launch including banner ads, 3D character development, and video

Role:  Design, art direction & concept

Results: Three cohesive sales aids to walk reps through the process of selling to ECP’s

Biotrue ONEday Contact Lenses

The goal of this project was to create 3 sales aids for the professional space, to be used as an outline for each of the lenses in the Biotrue ONEday family of lenses. I wanted to maintain consistency throughout the design of each aid and help to explain the content in a digestible way. For the design of each sales aid, the cover and closing pages were handled in a similar manner. The covers were intended to highlight the product with a box shot and intro copy, while the closing page was designed to be a wrap-up that reiterates the product shot and sums up the key features of each of the lenses with the use of an icon system. The interiors show diagrams and charts that help to visually outline the lens and its specs.

Biotrue ONEday Icon System

I developed an icon system that would be used when speaking about the lens’s main attributes. Each lens has its own color indicator with a corresponding icon library. A separate colored system was created when speaking about the brand of lenses as a whole.

Yellow: Presbyopia Lenses
Orange: Astigmatism Lenses
Purple: SVS Lenses
Blue: Brand of Lenses

Expanded Parameter Launch Video

With the launch of the -2.75 Astigmatic lens, I worked to elevate the brand blister pack mascot and create a professional-facing social ad presenting the new parameter. This launch was a great opportunity to transform the blister pack mascot from a 2D character to a 3D character.

Role: Art direction, concept, storyboard

Expanded Parameter Launch Banner Ad

To promote the launch of the -2.75 expanded parameter, I developed banner ads that were pushed out to the professional market. The banners click through to the brand website for professionals to further highlight the new lens and parameter offerings.

Role: Design & concept