Client: Bausch + Lomb

Agency:  DiD Agency

Challenge: Attracting teens that are interested in trying contact lenses for the first time and urging them to request Biotrue ONEday during their next eye exam

Role: Concept, Design, Illustration, Art Direction

Results: A campaign that educates teens and their parents on contact lenses so they are comfortable and confident in making the switch

Biotrue ONEday Contact Lenses

The concept for creative started with walking in my teen-selfs footsteps. Thinking back to high school, I recalled doodling a lot! In school, I would take notes during class but also use the margins as a place to doodle. I wanted to treat this creative like a school notebook so it would catch the attention of teens. I incorporated doodled illustrations, sketchy copy blocks, and handwritten callouts. I also chose to evolve the regular creative to speak to a younger audience. I did this by using a light blue gradient for our background color and making our characters do activities that are more youthful like taking selfies and playing sports.

Parent Card: A big hurdle in a teen getting contact lenses can sometimes be a parent’s concern that their teen isn’t responsible enough to handle this new routine. This card walks a parent through health concerns to watch for and highlights the qualities of the contact lens that would be beneficial and healthy for a teen’s active life.

Role: Concept, Design, Illustration

Patient Brochure: This brochure was a fun way to speak to teens and their parents and help them learn if contacts are right for them. It walks them through primary moments in a teen’s life to show that contacts are a great choice. Screen use, comfort, ease of putting them in and taking them out, hygiene, care, and environmental effect are all concerns that were brought up during market research that we made sure to address in a youthful tone.

Role: Concept, Design, Illustration

Social Campaign: In preparing for back-to-school, I developed a series of static social posts that will be posted in the 4 weeks leading up to the start of school. I brought in the same light blue gradient and youthful character creative to speak to that younger audience and their parents. These posts are intended to remind parents and teens that it’s time to get in for their eye exams before the start of school and ask for Biotrue ONEday.

Role: Concept, Design

Banner Ads: After the development of the social campaign, I directed the creation of the corresponding banner ads. Three sizes were developed for advertising in the weeks prior to the start of school. Each creative concept was built out so there is a cohesive back-to-school look.

Role: Art Direction