Client: Bausch + Lomb

Agency: DiD Agency

Challenge:  Design materials to promote the ONE by ONE Recycling Program to patients once their eye doctor has signed up to participate in the program. 

Role:  Design lead, concept, creation

Results: A system of branded materials that work together as promotional and membership collateral.

ONE by ONE Recycling Program

For the ONE by ONE program, I led the conception and design of creating a range of materials that would be used to promote a program that collects the waste produced by daily disposable contact lens use. Not only did this project create materials that would be used for awareness of the program to patients, but it also consisted of materials that Eye Care Professionals (ECP) would receive once they signed up for the program. 

In-office Collection Box: This box is provided to an ECP’s office once they enroll in the ONE by ONE Recycling Program. They will receive this collection box to be displayed in their office for patients to empty their contact lens waste into. The goal is for this box to reach 10lbs of waste so it can be shipped to TerraCycle and the lens waste can then be upcycled.

Patient Collection Box: Consumers will receive this box with their purchase of contact lenses. They will be able to take their new contacts home in the box and then reuse it as a collection box for their contact lens waste. Once the box is full, they can return to their Eye doctor’s office and empty it into the In-office Collection Box.

Participation Letter: This letter is sent to Eye Care Professionals as part of their introduction to the program. It gives a brief overview of the program, how the collection process works, and how to set up their in-office collection bin so it’s used properly by their patients.

Patient Card: This card is given to a patient when they purchase a 6 month or annual supply of Biotrue ONEday lenses from their ECP. It acts as a quick introduction to grab the patient’s attention and highlight how the ONE by ONE Recycling Program is using the waste to better the community with playground sets and park benches. If this piques their interest, they can learn more by following the web address provided.

Window Cling: The window cling is a proud way for the ECP to announce that their office participates in the ONE by ONE Recycling Program.

Email: For the program’s 4 year anniversary, I created an e-blast to celebrate the accomplishments of the program while also encouraging participation from the ECP’s to sign their practices up to participate in the program.

Social Post: This post can be downloaded by the ECP and shared on their social media outlets to their following patients.