Client: Biotrue ONEday

Agency: DiD Agency

Challenge:  Maintain a social media presence that is unique and engaging for new wearers of contact lenses

Role:  Art director, lead designer

Results: A cohesive social media presence hitting on key lens benefits that is also visually appealing and fun

Social Media Presence

As the Art Director and lead designer for Biotrue ONEday’s social media, my primary goal is to be consistent and hit on our brand claims. I work with a creative team to brainstorm, sketch, storyboard, design, and present these ideas to our client. 

The Process: Each quarter we hold a creative brainstorm to think of potential ideas that will hit on the brand’s key messaging. Once we come up with our ideas, we create a storyboard of the posts for the quarter to present to the client for approval. When the client has signed off on the ideas, I work with a freelance writer to build out each idea further and create the imagery and post copy that will go live on the brand’s social media pages.

The Grid: For the Biotrue ONEday brand, maintaining consistency in the color palette, messaging, and imagery is very important. Our primary color palette consists of 8 colors that we rotate through, which helps for diversity while still maintaining a cohesive look. This allows our Instagram grid to be visually appealing when looking at the brand’s social as a whole.