Vine & Wine Floral Parties

B R O C H U R E  &  B R A N D I N G

Role:  Design & Concepting

Vine & Wine Floral Parties is a twist on the well-known paint and wine parties, except with a new level of sophistication. Each class is curated with an artfully designed floral arrangement paired with wine and a charcuterie board for an exquisite night out.


The “Spring Edition” brochure announces three upcoming floral workshops and the location to sign up. The creative uses a soft color palette with elegant photography and typography to compliment the sophistication of the event.


Wine & Vine Floral Parties were formed to get people together to share a glass of wine with friends and strangers while making something beautiful to decorate the home. These parties are curated with a sophisticated elegance from the artistically designed floral arrangements to the perfectly paired glass of wine and the delectable board of charcuterie.

I wanted to bring this level of design to the branding with a wordmark logo that is refined and graceful. The color palette uses desaturated floral tones of dusty rose and leaf green with subtle cream and cool gray. The logo variation speaks to the “vine” and “wine” with a custom illustrated vine detail and wine smear. The custom illustrated vine evolved into a custom pattern to be used throughout various materials. The typography is a modern sans-serif font that has subtle decorative elements that works beautifully with the script font used in the logotype.